“There are no easy answers, or meaningful platitudes when struggling with infertility, or living though multiple lost pregnancies. Sonali helped provide strategies for managing stress, dealing with loved ones, and planning realistically for the future… when that was what I needed. Other times, she sat with me and my grief, allowing me a safe, judgement-free-zone to cry, rage, bargain, and dream.  With Sonali, I felt as if I had someone by my side as I moved through what can be an otherwise isolating, lonely experience. Her existing knowledge of the fertility landscape was immeasurably helpful. It meant talking to someone who not only understood my feelings, but also the medical & practical logistics. This meant she was truly able to empathize, and we could focus our time on my needs, versus, explaining to her what the process involved.”

“Sonali sets herself apart from most therapists that I have previously seen with her ability to see the big picture. She’s interested in helping her clients reach goals —  both generally in their life and at each therapy session. Sonali is empathetic and insightful. But most of all, unlike many therapists I’ve worked with, Sonali held me accountable both for my positive and negative thoughts and actions, and she helped me to understand how each reflected the larger challenges I face in my life. I learned a tremendous amount about myself while working with her. Also, her sense of humor is refreshing.”

“My life is so much better for having worked with Sonali. In our sessions, Sonali provided practical and impactful CBT tools and techniques to help address my anxiety. More importantly, she provided the empathy, support and encouragement I needed to address challenges in my life. Sonali is knowledgeable and professional as well as warm and relatable. Working with her, I felt empowered to finally take on topics that had previously seemed overwhelming. I have improved my relationships, career and health with her help and feel much better equipped to handle challenges in the future. I sincerely recommend Sonali!”

“I decided to try cognitive-behavioral therapy after I realized psychoanalytic therapy (which I’d been in for years) just wasn’t helping me manage my depressive tendencies. After seeing Sonali for just a few months, I noticed major differences in my mood and confidence. I think the most important thing Sonali taught me was how to stop worrying about what other people think about me, which has been a huge relief in both my career and my social life. She’s also just a warm, funny, empathetic person who’s very easy to talk to. I would recommend Sonali to anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, or just everyday insecurity and self-esteem issues.”

“I first met Sonali at a workshop she ran for parents of children with special needs. She struck me as a very thoughtful, balanced, and down to earth person with the ability to make anyone feel comfortable. In the 2+ years that I’ve met with her, in both group and individual therapy, she has helped me to develop a better frame of mind for dealing with life’s issues. Mothering multiple children, one with developmental delays and seizures, navigating my marital life, and single life, and working full time in New York City can be very overwhelming. My sessions with Sonali taught me practical ways to cope. I left sessions feeling empowered about my ability to make decisions and confident that in low times, I would know what to do to stay above water. Now I check in with her a few times a year, and the rest of the time I continue to use the techniques she taught me to find balance and peace in my day to day life.”