You are not alone.  The journey to parenthood is a challenging one for approximately one in eight couples in the United States.  It is often the first time in our lives where we have felt that we have no control and the ups and downs of trying to get pregnant are like a rollercoaster.  It is normal to experience a wide variety of emotions – fear, worry, anxiety, loneliness, guilt, grief, depression, and regret.  You do not have to navigate this road alone.  It is an honor to walk alongside my clients and support them as they move through this difficult time.


Loss – Miscarriage, perinatal loss, and neonatal loss

The loss of a baby during or shortly after pregnancy – be it due to ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, or any other reason – is devastating.  We not only grieve the loss of our child but also the loss of what we imagined our lives to be.  This grief is often all encompassing.  My role is to companion you in this grief, to help you build a strong support network and to sure up your coping skills.


Pregnancy after infertility or loss 

Pregnancy after infertility or after experiencing loss can be an overwhelming and worrying endeavor. The messages you are receiving from everyone around you is to be joyful and thankful – yet it is hard to step away from the pain you have experienced en route to this place. I will guide you through your pregnancy and help you to cope with the multitude of emotions and also, help you to advocate with your care providers to ensure that your need for information and support are met.