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Ever find yourself saying something positive and then following it up with “but” and a sentence that discounts the positive thing you just said?

For example, “The sun is shining outside today” and then comes the dreaded BUT, “but it is still cold.”

Well that just takes the air out of your sails straight away, doesn’t it? So try a simple technique of reversing the sentence.

“It is still cold”…”but, the sun is shining outside today.”

Does that make a difference? Do you feel a tad more hopeful? Reversing the sentence to end on the positive can make a big difference in how positive you feel.

When you are feeling low, it can be helpful to engage in fun and pleasurable activities.  Research shows that people who engage in enjoyable leisure activities on a frequent basis have better psychological and physical health.  Follow this link to find a “big” list of simple and easy things that you can do if you are stuck for ideas: