Often shower time can mean more time to think about the things that you have to do in the day or to worry about things you didn’t get to the previous day.  It is time to change that.  The mindful shower exercise is a wonderful & simple way to be present in and savor the moment. 

Step into your shower & turn on the water.  Notice the sound of the water.  Notice how different it sounds when you are standing under the shower head versus when the water just hits the shower floor.  Feel the sensation of the water on your body.  Be aware of how it easily flows over your skin.  What is the temperature like? Hot, warm, cool? What sensations do you notice on your skin? What does the floor of the shower feel like under your feet? Take in all the smells – of your body wash, soap, or shampoo.

 If you notice yourself caught up in thoughts, that’s OK.  Notice your thoughts and then go back to just being with the activity of taking a shower.

·         Most importantly, enjoy this activity. The shower is a wonderful opportunity to be present and awake.